Cass Rally 2019

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Cass Rally 2019

Post by mogu83 » Wed May 29, 2019 5:48 pm

2019 Cass Rally:
Last year the Cass Rally didn’t happen, and this year it was reduced to more or less a campout.
Last year the location was entirely booked for construction workers building a gas pipe line through the area. The good news is the rooms were renovated (kind of) and the sites now have electric and water. Not such a big deal if your tent camping but something to remember if your traveling through the area and want a room for the night.
Standard route down across Southern Lancaster County, PA and Rt340 South. I took Rt33 West and was rewarded with an e-ticket ride. It’s been a while since I used 33 and had forgotten what a great road it is.
Not too much to report about the rally-campout. The W.Virginia guys provided coffee for free and soda and water for a small donation. There was well attended campfire every night. The campground changed $14 per site for tents.

The weather during the day was in the 80’s with a few strong localized downpours, some guys hit them some didn’t, at night it was in the mid 60’s. Overall the weather was decent.

The Food - Mom always said ‘If you have nothing good to say – then say nothing” BUT in the interest of honesty – it was terrible. The restaurant in the campground has been closed for a few years, the old couple across the road that ran the little café have moved on. The only remaining close option was a small café about a hundred yards down the road called the Bears Den. They somehow screwed up the eggs in the morning and the food in the evening tasted like it had been in a freezer for at least a decade. Nice friendly people and the coffee was OK.
I could do the biscuits and gravy with eggs over in the morning, because it’s close. If there is a next year I’ll take the ride to Durbin ( 6 miles North) or Marlinton (20 mikes South) for evening meal, both have decent food places.

Lots of interesting things to do and see in the area and the roads are in good condition, I’ve spent a good amount of time around there and have been to most of them at least once so I just took a ride.

Sunday left for home although some people stayed till Monday. Followed a friend on an Aprilia Tuono with an aftermarket exhaust up Rt28 to Rt50, almost 100 miles. Sunday morning and no one on the roads. The sound was awesome, and yes we were above the speed limit in a few places. Parted company in Winchester and took the standard Rt340 way home.
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