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LED Headlight

Post by wclambjr » Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:33 am

Hey all I just got the 2018 1200RT. Love the LED halo lights but the put this disgusting yellow halogen light between them. I NEED LED to compliment the front!

I have searched and found some with fan's and braid.....but I need to know from someone who replace theirs.

Has anyone changed out the main bulb and / or high beams with LED's??? IF so where did you get them and how hard was it to change it out.

You spend all this money on a motorcycle and there are LED's on the turn signals and the rear, but not on the headlight where it's the hardest to replace....

Thanks in advance!


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Re: LED Headlight

Post by mogu83 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:12 am

WOW - talk about instant answers.
At the BMW Nationals I asked one of the vendors (https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/) if they had a LED bulb for my bike. He asked the year,make,model (BMW R1200R) and told me NO. He said that if anyone says they have a LED for my bike their not being completely truthful because although the unit will bolt in, the reflector just won't work with a LED. I thanked him for his candor, he could have sold me anything, I had the money in my hand.
A year goes by and I decide to change the headlight in my Valkyrie to a LED. Knowing that I'll be dealing with honest people I give Cyclops a call. They tell me they just brought out a new H4 that will work great in my bike. Sent in my $80 and a week later it was in my hands. Nice hardware and good instructions made the insulation a breeze.

Concerns: Two major issues. Will the bulb and fan, mounted behind it, fit in my headlight shell and how hot will it get.
Everything fit in my headlight shell (Valkyrie) as Cyclops said it would. Give them a call and they will likely know if the bulb will fit in your bike.
I turned the bulb on for a while and the fan was only warm to the touch (not hot) I wouldn't worry if a wire somehow touched the cooling fins. I took an hour long ride and the cooling fins still weren't HOT.

Outstanding. When you turn the ignition on you can head the fan wind up but you can't hear it with the engine running. The 5600 Kelvin is a perfect balance between great light and too much bounce back. The focus on the light pattern is (IMHO) perfect. The high beam reaches straight down the road, the low beam goes further than the standard beam but doesn't seem to bother oncoming drivers. The low beam is strange as the pattern up close to the bike is wide, almost like you had a pair of fog (running) lights on. I don't know if that is the bulb or the reflector but I never noticed it with the old stock bulb.

Bottom Line: I'm very happy and would strongly recommend Cyclops Adventure Sports for a LED conversion. I know this is kind of long - but now you know
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