2019 New Sweden Rider Challenge

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2019 New Sweden Rider Challenge

Postby Ron_Ces » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:00 pm

New and improved for 2019.
The rules are simple, just tack, staple, or tape one of our business cards (legally) wherever you go.
Have you ever walked into a diner and noticed this at the front door?


Just grab (borrow) a thumbtack from the kid peddling his virus removal business and leave your (our) mark. :peep

The possibilities are endless, MC shops, delicatessens, diners, etc. If no board is available, just leave one on the table with all of the Real Estate flyers. :wings
Show the world that our members are everywhere.
2 points for every card left. 1 point if you see one that another member left. :clap
A quick cellphone pic will work for disputes, but this game is more about fun and is self policing.
Business cards will be available at this month's meeting, the Christmas party and throughout the year at club sponsored events.
This contest will run from January 1, 2019 until the day before the 2019 Christmas Party.
Prizes will be awarded for this contest.
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