Square Route Rally 6/7-9/2019

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Square Route Rally 6/7-9/2019

Post by pjliskojr » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:15 am

Once again many thanks to Phil for planning a stellar route to and from the rally. :twisty1 The roads were absolutely great. We also had a fabulous route for Saturday and we stopped at the Guide House Grill outside Harpers Ferry for lunch. :clap On the way up to the rally we hit the Stewartstown BBQ for lunch, Yummmmmm. To make things even better the weather Gods were smiling; not one drop of rain the entire trip. Overall I give this trip a 9 out of 10; great roads, nice bunks, good routes each day, wonderful weather, good hosts, good food, and riding with the best people from the best club. Hell, I even won a $100 gift certificate from Bob's BMW! I NEVER WIN!!!!! :wings

I found a stowaway in my oil cooler If you're wondering about the dragonfly. Not sure when I picked him up or how he stayed in one piece but he fell out when I was clearing debris from the radiator.

Hope to make the trip again in 2020 and hope you will come along. :cheers
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Re: Square Route Rally 6/7-9/2019

Post by VinceSant » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:47 pm

This years SRR was one of the best primarily because we had weather that wasn't just good it was perfect! Like Pete said we have to thank our GPS guru Phil for providing us with not only a really great ride out and back but a very good 130 + mile ride on Saturday. Thanks to our Sena intercom system that allowed Phil and I to communicate throughout the trip, I had to give him back up voice directions from my old Zumo 550 because his GPS was crapping out all weekend. Then on Sunday my GPS took a dump, but thank to Phil's ingenuity we made it through!

At the beginning of Saturday nights awards presentation I was happy to hear them talk up New Sweden, and, they called upon Pete to get up and talk about our Last Chance Rally. Needless to say Pete made us proud by giving a detailed presentation about our rally.

Pete was so happy to have won the $100 gift certificate. Well, the big winner was Phil! Phil won a set of Michelin tires worth over $300.00! And get this, he can't figure out how he won because he put his ticket in the other coffee can. He thinks he won because they mixed up the tickets. I told him the reason he won is because of that golden cloud over head that follows him wherever he goes!

The food was good Friday night. I liked the chilli with the partially cooked rice, I think I was the only one liking rice that way, they also had lasagna too. Saturday night food was excellent! Pulled pork sandwiches, beef brisket, mac and cheese, cole slaw, corn bread, salad, and chocolate brownies. I was bad, I ate too many pulled pork sandwiches and too much beef brisket, but it was sooooo good!

Oh! Did I mention the bunk house and bath house? All remodeled and and very nice, new beds and furniture.

Looking forward to next years Square Root Rally.
Vince Santaniello

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Re: Square Route Rally 6/7-9/2019

Post by pinkflamingo » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:46 am

Great pictures!
Karen R

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